The 20 Most Inspiring Companies Of 2012

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Many local and global companies make it a priority to give back to their communities, whether it is a core part of their mission or not.
This year, we've seen many companies go above and beyond to protect the environment, help people in need, and solve the world's biggest problems.
We compiled a list of the 20 most inspiring companies based on their actions for good this year. These inspiring organizations, listed alphabetically, are role models for their efforts in social responsibility year-round.


Who they are: A billion dollar startup which lets people rent out their apartments to other people for short periods.
Why they're inspiring: Last year saw some less than flattering headlines about destroyed or ransacked apartments, but the company's more than made up for it this year. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Airbnb not only waived its fees for hosts and guests in the affected area, but created a whole new platform for discounted and free listings for refugees.


Who they are: A startup launched in June of this year, which helps third party developers integrate school data with their apps.
Why they're inspiring: From attendance records to grades and test scores, students produce a great deal of data, which schools keep electronically. Unfortunately, there's no standard way that this data's organized. Clever is attempting to solve that problem and create an API for education, so developers can create products that are tailored to individual students.

Code for America

Who they are: An organization that pairs professional coders with city governments to create accessible and efficient apps.
Why they're inspiring: Code for America brings innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to local government. Programs like these are increasingly important for areas looking to serve their citizens well with reduced budgets.
The group's professional coders have already developed 28 apps for cities from Philadelphia to Chicago and beyond. This year, the organization launched an accelerator for disruptive civic technology startups and over 235 companies applied.

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