A Woman’s Perfect Day: Lots Of Sex, Little Childcare, Says Study

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So I object to the very premise of this study, which involves accepting that there is both such thing as a “perfect day” and a “typical woman.” But just for fun, let’s take a look. In the study, researchers polled 909 women (average age 38) about how they spend their time and how positive or negative each activity makes them feel. Based on this, they created a woman’s “perfect” daily routine, including a mix of pleasurable and utilitarian activities. “Our research asks what a perfect day would look like if we take into account the crucial fact that even the most pleasurable activities are usually less enjoyable the longer they last and the more often we do them,” wrote the researchers, whose work was published in something called the Journal Of Economic Psychology.  Here’s what they determined the average woman’s perfect day to look like:
  • 106 minutes of sexual intimacy
  • 82 minutes of socializing
  • 78 minutes of relaxation
  • 75 minutes of eating
  • 73 minutes of prayer and/or meditation
  • 68 minutes of exercise
  • 57 minutes of phone time
  • 56 minutes of shopping
  • 55 minutes of watching TV
  • 50 minutes of food preparation
  • 48 minutes of computer time
  • 47 minutes of housework
  • 46 minutes of childcare
  • 46 minutes of napping
  • 36 minutes of work
  • 33 minutes of commuting
In my case, childcare and relaxation aren’t applicable, since I don’t have kids and don’t know how to relax. I would also spend more time working, socializing, computer-ing and reading (which doesn’t make the list at all!); less time talking on the phone or shopping; and no time commuting, praying or doing housework. How does your ideal day stack up? Related posts:
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