Letting My Son Buy - and Wear - a Skirt (from blogher.com)

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my son in his skirt

A few weeks ago my Mother got ready to take W on one of their weekly weekend jaunts to Home Depot. They have a routine there that involves checking out all of the new flowers in the gardening section and watching any power tool demos. W has also made friends with several of the forklift drivers at Home Depot and they put on a good show for him. The kid loves a forklift.

So as I got W dressed and ready for their outing, my Mother was getting herself ready. We all met down in the living room and I started counting down the moments to when I could dive into a work project. My Mother grabbed her shoes and W looked at her and exclaimed, "Wow! What's THAT!!??" It took Mother and me a moment before we realized what he was unfamiliar with: her skirt. (She hadn't worn one since before he was born!)

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