AGE DISCRIMINATION ON TV: 10 Anchors Who Were Replaced By Younger Women

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Former Telemundo reporter and anchor Vicky Gutierrez is suing the Spanish-language channel and parent company NBC Universal for age discrimination. 
In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Gutierrez claims she was let go because she reached 50, and was replaced by a much younger woman to attract better ratings at a lower cost to the network. Gutierrez worked at LA station KVEA since 2003.
According to the suit, the network claims to have "laid her off." However, Gutierrez claims in the suit she was actually terminated, citing reasons she was let go as "multiple complaints about the working conditions at KVEA and she was an older female earning too much money."
This isn't the first time an older female anchor was ousted in favor of a younger face.

1983: Christine Craft became the first woman to sue for age and sex discrimination.

Craft filed a suit after receiving a demotion at ABC affiliate KMBC-TV in Kansas City.
According to testimony from the trial, Craft was told she was demoted to reporter in 1979 because focus group research found she was "too old, too unattractive and wouldn't defer to men."
After a trial at Federal District Court in Kansas City, Craft was awarded $500,000.

1999: Janet Peckinpaugh was awarded $3.79 million after suing a network for a demotion.

Peckinpaugh accused Post-Newsweek Stations' CBS station Channel 3 of backing out on a promise to employ her for life.
She claimed the network discriminated against both her age and sex after a demotion in 1994 and firing her in 1995. 
Peckinpaugh said she earned $250,000 per year as an anchor.
Post-Newsweek was found guilty of sex discrimination, breach of written and oral promises, and illegal retaliation.
She was originally awarded $8.3 million in January 1999, but that number was lowered to $3.79 million in March of '99. The number was later raised again to $4.9 million in July '99.

2002: Carol Kaplan filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against WGRZ-TV Buffalo.

In a lawsuit filed, Kaplan accused a station executive of saying she could replace her with a "younger and prettier" woman.
The case was dismissed after Federal Judge John Curtin said there wasn't enough evidence for the discrimination claims to hold up. Bazi Kanani was hired in her place.
Kaplan anchored the 5 p.m. news for the Multimedia Entertainment owned station for 11 years.

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