Seventeen Magazine Vows to Stop Using Digitally Altered Images of Girls

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[Editor's note: Last week Seventeen Magazine vowed to stop using digitally altered images of girls. It’s a great victory for young women, and it’s largely due to 14-year-old Julia Bluhm. Bluhm thought the perfect images sent a terrible message to girls, so she petitioned the magazine to change its policy. At first she got nowhere. What led to Seventeen's change of heart? Megan Kearns at Fem2pt0 recounts what happened.--Mona]
Blum’s petition and the #KeepItReal Challenge received an overwhelming response. The Twitter hashtag “reached over 1.5 million people, including the desks of USWeekly, Glamour and Lucky Magazine – who all expressed interest in talking further about their use of photoshop. Click to read more.


Credit Image: © John Barrett/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS/


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