8-Months-Pregnant Olympian Is The Most Charming Athlete Ever

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Here’s your uplifting Olympic story of the day: A pregnant 29-year-old is competing in the Olympic 10m rifle event just a month before she’s due to give birth. Malaysian athlete Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi found out she was pregnant just a few days before she qualified for the Games at the Asian Shooting Championships in January. Doubters in her home country have questioned whether she should compete, but Suryani is refreshingly cool: “I say ‘no problem’ because when you have some living things inside your stomach everywhere you go, you have company,” she told a reporter for Reuters in April. “You don’t feel lonely.”

Suryani won a bronze medal in the Asian Games in 2010, among many other awards. She’s a top competitor in two shooting events, but she can only compete in the Olympics in the one that allows her to stand up. The 50m rifle three position requires competitors to lie down flat at one point, making her huge belly an impediment. Her decision to compete while visibly pregnant has raised eyebrows in Malaysia, where shooting is viewed as a man’s sport. But Suryani seems awesomely unfazed by any criticism, let alone by her physical condition. “I will talk to the baby before I compete,” she told the Reuters reporter. “[I'll say] no kicking, stay calm for one hour and 15 minutes only please.”

She’s planning to leave London just as soon as her event is over, because doctors recommend flying after 35 weeks. The pregnant Olympian is ranked 47th in the world, so she’s not likely to medal in London. But she has a sense of humor even about that: “Anyhow, maybe they will say this is unfair because two persons shoot for one gold,” she joked, gesturing to her belly. Can we at least give this woman a gold medal in awesomeness? Photo: AP via Houston Chronicle

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