7 of the Best Dressed Female CEOs

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Marissa Mayer

There was a time when the words CEO and fashionista seemed incompatible. But consider this. Forbes contributor Leah Bourne just wrote an article asking “Is Marissa Mayer the New Face of Workplace Fashion?” And that’s not a horrible assessment. As the new CEO of Yahoo, Mayer has a weakness for Oscar de la Renta. She once paid $60,000 at a charity event in order to have lunch with the award-winning designer, known, among other things, to have dressed Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s.

CEO or not, if you’re worth $300 million (or more), why shouldn’t you dabble in high fashion? Workplace style tends to spend a lot of time in conservative-land, so it’s nice to see business tycoons with a flair for color, detail, and handbags that cost more than a surrogate mother.
Here are 7 of the best dressed female CEOs. Not only are their closets filled with designer clothes, I’m sure they are bigger than my apartment and have actual furniture inside. You know, furniture in your closet so you can sit in a high-backed chair while you decide which Carolina Hererra gown to wear to the gala tonight.

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