10 Jobs That Are Making You Fat

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On top of making us tired and stressed it now turns out are jobs are making us fat. Well, some of them. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, two-in-five workers (44%) said they have gained weight at their current job. Twenty-six percent of workers gained over 10 pounds, and 14% gained over 20 pounds.On the other hand, 16% said they lost weight.

But what are the jobs that are contributing to our BMI the most? Well take a look at the list below.
· Travel Agent
· Attorney/Judge
· Social Worker
· Teacher
· Artist/Designer/Architect
· Administrative Assistant
· Physician
· Protective Services (Police, Firefighter)
· Marketing/Public Relations Professional
· Information Technology Professional

A lot of these make sense, as you are stuck to a chair all day, which we know leads to a lot of health problems besides just weight gain, but some of these are surprising. Like a physician? I mean on ER the doctors never sat still. And look how skinny the surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy are. Though again, that is television. But as doctors (and I mean real ones) shouldn’t they make a point of trying to be healthy? But what I can’t believe is firefighters? Cops? I guess that makes sense because they can be behind a desk but firefighters have to be  in great shape. If they are gaining weight it should be in the form of muscles.

The study attributes the weight gain to stress (37%), eating out regularly (23%), skipping meals (and then pigging out later) because of time constraints (19%), workplace celebrations (18%), the temptation of the office candy jar (16%) and pressure to eat good your evil coworkers bring in (10%.)
Mindless eating in the workplace is always an issue.  A four-week study of 40 secretaries found they ate an average of 3.1 Hershey’s kisses a day from an office candy bowl if the dish was opaque and covered. Put the candy within clear view, in a transparent glass bowl, and each secretary consumed an average 2.5 more pieces a day. Slide that dish within reach – so the secretary didn’t have to get up from her desk to reach it – and he or she added another 2.1 candies to the daily intake, for a total of 7.7 pieces, says the study by Cornell University professor Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating. “Even for a person with the greatest resolve, every time they look at a candy dish they say, ‘Do I want that Hershey’s kiss, or don’t I?’” Dr. Wansink says. “At the 24th time maybe I’m kind of hungry, and I just got this terrible e-mail, and my boss is complaining, and gradually my resolve is worn down.”
When it comes to exercise routines, 59% of workers said they exercise regularly. Ten percent said they don’t exercise at all. But on the plus side, companies are trying to help their employees get healthier either by promoting healthy eating (or just giving smaller portions like Google) or providing gym passes, workout facilities or wellness benefits. However, only 10% of workers say they take advantage of the benefit.

The survey used 5,772 U.S. workers (employed full-time, not self-employed, non-government) ages 18 and over between February 9 and March 2, 2012.
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