Why Photoshopping Won't Go Away--No Matter What Women's Mags Say

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[Editor's note: This week an earthshaking event happened in women’s magazines. And no, sadly, feisty teenager Julia Bluhm didn’t convince Seventeen magazine to quit using Photoshop to erase its young models’ “flaws.” Although Bluhm’s online campaign has now amassed more than 60,000 signatures. Vogue announced the seemingly radical policy not to “knowingly” use models younger than 16, or girls who “appear to have an eating disorder.” Forgive me if I don’t leap up and cheer. But as Maureen Johnson explains in her wonderfully incisive and funny post at Maureen Johnson Books, Photoshopping is probably here to stay.—Mona]
A lot of the more egregious Photoshop happens in the more full-body photos, in which actual humans are whittled away into humanoid hanger-objects. Continue reading here.

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Credit Image: Hanbyui on Flickr


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