Hillary Clinton’s Awesome Rejection Letter To Jason Segel Proves She’s The Politician With The Best Sense Of Humor

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 Hillary Clinton Jason Segel funny rejection letter The Muppets 

President Obama may have killed it with his jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past weekend, but he’s got stiff competition for funniest politician with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I’m not talking about the Texts from Hillary meme or the photos of her partying it up in Colombia, though those both have done wonders for her image. Here’s yet another example of Hillary’s blend of proper and badass: Last week, Jason Segel revealed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he’d received a rejection letter from Hillary after asking her to appear in one of his upcoming projects. Politico obtained a copy of the letter, where Hillary lets Jason down gently and manages to display the perfect dry humor. (Because you know that if we ever got a letter to Jason Segel, it would be mostly gibberish and doodles.)
 Hillary Clinton rejection letter Jason Segel Muppets funny

I don’t know which is better, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall joke or her firm stance on The Muppets. If one of her young aides wrote this, I’d be slightly heartbroken.  

Photos: Texts from Hillary Clinton, Politico  

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