Daily Mail, Fox Bash Hillary Clinton For Going Makeup Free While Discussing Iranian Nukes

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Hillary Clinton “forgets her makeup?” That’s the headline of a Fox News article echoing a Daily Mail article about Clinton’s “tired and withdrawn appearance” during a business trip to China, Bangladesh and India. Because heaven forbid our Secretary of State have more important things to worry about than makeup

Poor Clinton has received criticism of her appearance since she was First Lady, of course, and the sexist coverage of her 2008 presidential bid was often astonishing. It’s not like this is anything new. And it’s not like I expect high journalistic standards from either the Mail or Fox News. Still, I think the offensiveness of these particular articles bears pointing out …

It’s not just that female politicians receive way more appearance scrutiny and comment than their male counterparts (though that’s certainly an offense-worthy issue). It’s the suggestion that she forgot her makeup, instead of just not giving a damn about under-eye circles while she’s out out discussing matters like Iranian oil imports and nuclear weapons programs.

It’s the language that implies wearing makeup is an obligation for females—even ones in the highest echelons of the United States government—instead of a choice.
It’s the fact that Clinton’s press conference announcement that she doesn’t plan on any future White House bids is buried nine paragraphs deep, following speculation about the reason she may be wearing dark sunglasses while traveling and a jab at her “once-gaudy coloured trouser suits and scrunchie combinations.” And that the reasons for her trip—things like urging India to reduce its reliance on Iranian oil, strengthening relations with Bangladesh, and discussing human rights violations in China—come even further down than that.

And by the way, I know this is SO SO SO NOT THE POINT, but … am I the only who thinks that—aside from the fact that the photographer has caught her mid-talking in the above photo—Clinton looks really lovely here?

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