5 Facts About ’3 Golden Sisters,’ The Hilarious Grandmas Who Mocked Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

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Yesterday, we met three grandmas who not only watched Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape without freaking out, but who actually made fun of Ray J‘s penis! I pointed out that this could be the first viral offering from an upcoming comedy team, but it’s even better: It turns out the grandmas are known as the 3 Golden Sisters and already have a mini-internet following. Dlisted tracked down the ladies’ official website, which is full of trivia about our three new favorite people, as well as photos and so many more videos of them tackling the important issues like 4/20 and sex.
Here are the five facts you should know about these wonderful ladies that we all wish were our grandmas.

1. They’re all hairdressers, and yes, they’re actually related. Mary (in the middle with the playing cards) is the oldest at 81 years old, while Teresa (left) and Josie (right) are 72-year-old twins. All of them grew up in the Bronx around the time of the Great Depression, though Teresa says she believes that her generation grew up in the greatest era of America. They’ve worked in hair salons separately and together over the last fifty years.

2. Teresa decided to shake things up a decade or so back and bought a talent agency. Seriously! Even better, one of her most famous clients is none other than Shia LaBeouf, who she discovered when he was 11. She says they’re still in touch to this day.

3. The Kim Kardashian sex tape was just the tip of the iceberg—there are so many more gems starring the Golden Sisters! For instance, they celebrated 4/20 by investigating Mary’s grandson’s bong.
And here they are lip-syncing to Whitney Houston‘s “I’m Every Woman” in their salon, putting every other lipdub we’ve seen online to shame:

4. Lest you think they’re just about being silly, the Golden Sisters also offer what they call “Free Italian Mother Advice.” One fan wrote in asking how she should handle getting back into the dating scene while in the midst of a divorce with a three-year-old daughter. I can already hear the women shouting “Oh God!” as they typed up their answers:
I don’t believe in divorce. But, I would wait a year before you start dating… and I suggest you date her Dad during that time.
- Teresa [funny, since Teresa got divorced and seems to have a complex about it]
Why are you thinking about dating right now? Your priority should be your daughter first. Keep in mind that she is losing her Dad!
I think she should wait… but, she can date at some point! I think you should wait six months before you start dating and just be careful of introducing anyone to your daughter right away. Don’t bring a lot of men into her life… kids get attached very easily. Maybe even wait until you are engaged, I would.
- Josie
5. They’ve already got some form of professional representation with LMNO Productions, which is where you get redirected if you click there “Contact Us” page. Could a 3 Golden Sisters YouTube show be in the works? I’m crossing my fingers and toes.
Photo: 3 Golden Sisters
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