Karl Lagerfeld Claims Jackie Kennedy Wore Faux Chanel

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Mon dieu! Could it possibly be true? Was Jackie Kennedy’s legendary pink suit, the one she was wearing the day of JFK’s assassination, really a fake? According to Karl Lagerfeld it is, but if we’ve learned anything about Karl, it’s that we must proceed with caution when it comes to whatever he’s sputtering. He is a grumpy li’l thing after all.
On April 2, the second Style.com print magazine will hit newsstands and in it there’s a very interesting conversation between Karl and Carine Roitfeld in which the two discuss the legitimacy of the suit. According to Styleite, the chat goes like this:
Carine Roitfeld: “The first Chanel jacket that I saw – that I knew was Chanel – was on TV. It was on Mrs. Kennedy – the pink one.”
Karl Lagerfeld: “In 1963. It was a fake, a line-by-line copy by Cassini. She did have real Chanels, [but] her sister ordered them. We have all the proof.”
Well, well, well. I wonder if the National Archives, where the suit is being stored, feels silly right about now. But apparently this isn’t the first time that the iconic suit has come under fire for being an impostor. Even author, Jusinte Picardie, who wrote Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life (which was authorized by Coco herself) stated that although all the materials for the suit came from the Chanel house, “the suit was fitted and made for Kennedy at Chez Ninon, using what was called the ‘line for line’ system put in place by Chanel.” Basically, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, sometimes it’s just not a duck.

Although the reasons behind Jackie O. opting out of a real Chanel are still unclear, it’s said that she wanted to appear “more patriotic” by wearing something that was American-made. It does make sense given her role at the time, but whether it’s a knock-off or not, it’s still very Chanel looking and Chanel is obviously a French label. In the end, it probably wouldn’t have mattered whether or not it was the real thing. Before that day was out, it would be covered in blood and the way Americans saw the world would be forever changed. So Chanel or no Chanel, is no longer relevant; but it’s always nice to hear Karl’s word on any subject.

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