Forget Coffee…3 Minerals You Need For Better Energy

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If you reach for caffeine when you need extra energy, read on: You could be running down your body, and missing out on three essential minerals that give you energy, naturally. Read more from Well+Good NYC, below:
You might count on coffee, tea, or (your dirty little secret) Diet Coke to put that morning pep in your step.
But if you’re regularly tired or exhausted, it could be that your thyroid, responsible for energy, is running on fumes. (Even if you—and your thyroid—are pretty healthy.)
And a shot of caffeine just can’t help with that.

Susan Blum, MD, a functional medicine physician (and a Dr. Oz Disease Detective) says three overlooked minerals are helpful to all women—not just those hitting the snooze button and using Starbucks to get through the day.
“Even within the normal range of healthy thyroid function, there is better and still better,” says Dr. Blum, who checks for low T3 hormone levels in her patients. (The T3 hormone is the “gas” hormone in your BMW of a body, which increases metabolism, energy, and heat in cells. When it’s low, it’s a cause of sluggishness and weight gain.)

Better than a Starbucks run for energy? Brazil nuts
“Minerals keep the thyroid functioning optimally, which is really good for energy,” explains Dr. Blum, adding that a multi-mineral is more important than a multi-vitamin in this case. —Melisse Gelula

So which minerals make up Dr. Blum’s tiredness-fighting trifecta? Continue reading at Well+Good NYC to find out…

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