Despite That Plastic (And Painted On) Smile, Barbie Is A Badass

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It doesn’t matter what your mom told you, Barbie is trouble. She may look all sweet and innocent with that blonde hair, blue eyes and that beaming smile, but the girl is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Do not be fooled! As anyone being interviewed by a serial killer’s neighbor will tell you: “She was really quiet, always smiling and kept to herself.” But the truth is, we all have our demons; even if we’ve yet to come to terms with them.
Welcome to the world of photographer Sarah Haney and her photo series that makes Barbie look like your mother’s worst nightmare. In her version of the classic Mattel doll, Barbie isn’t just bad to the bone, but she’s a drunk, a tramp (this is not meant to slut shame, before you all freak out) and is dealing with some heavy duty issues with Ken. And it’s not just an argument in the park over him bringing the wrong wine, it’s more like his affinity for her clothes and other delightful and dramatic scenarios.
It’s about time someone made Barbie into something besides the boring, plastic (no pun intended) entity that looks like she’s so high on something that her eerie smile is all she can offer.

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