Why Mothering in Your 20's Is Awesome

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I find myself fiercely protective of young moms. Some of it is due to what I lived through and some of it is due to the fact that judgment, in any way, leaves me rooting for the so-called underdog. (When, in reality, the so-called underdog is often leaps and bounds more awesome than the one doing the judging.) Alexandria's post at Before the Baby Wakes takes a look at what mothering looks like in your early 20's... and why she feels that she has a leg up on other moms. I kind of wanted to fist pump her for being so generally awesome. It's an interesting look at what our priorities are over the years.

She explains:

21!!! (almost)

On my 21st birthday I was sitting on my sofa watching Sex & The City, eating Chipotle & nursing a baby. There was no dropping it like it was hot, no plastering my vagina all up on some window for everyone to see like Snookie, & the stumbling you saw at 2 in the morning was picking up a baby for a feeding & not the sign of a good time.

I am most certainly not your average 24 year old. I’ve been married legally for 3 years {Saturday} but have lived in glorious lust filled sin for 5. I feel old. I feel different from my counterparts that are taking midterms, perfecting resumes, & moving in with boyfriends for the first time. I don’t have much in common with them. My worries are different. My joys counted quietly as to not wake the sleeping kid.

But I am still 24.

So maybe that’s why what seem like normal gripes, issues, & practices of other moms seem so foreign to me.

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