The Things We Never Imagine as Moms

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[Editor's Note: There are things we never imagine we will experience or endure as parents. The loss of a child is one that we don't even want to consider... for a second. Miss Molly at Hope Smiling Brightly lost her daughter Lucy in a tragic accident. Molly shares a bit about those things she never expected as a mom in this new post and, please, I urge you to click through and share in a moment with this family. -Jenna]

What I Never Imagined:

Sotto i palloncini

I never imagined that after becoming a mother I would lose my child in a sudden, shocking, soul crushing accident.

I never imagined being able to emotionally handle having another child. Let alone, an adventurous, daring, physically aggressive little boy.

I never imagined the strangers I would meet and come to love.

I never imagined the out pouring of kindness I would experience and the softening of my soul.

I never imagined I'd feel pain and anguish like I have.

I never imagined the battle it would be to keep my marriage alive, happy, and thriving. (We're winning the battle very well).

I never imagined I'd be raising money to pay for the headstones of other children who pass away.

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