Revolution in Egypt: What about the Women?

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[Editor's note: Hosni Mubarak may be gone, but the revolution for women has yet to come. In December, a day after joining hundreds of women in Tahrir Square for International Women’s Day, Samira Ibrahim was arrested by the Egyptian military. Later Samira and other women were stripped, beaten, and given electric shocks. Then they were forced to have “virginity tests.” But Samira, who is only 25, fought back. Hanan Razek at describes how Samira’s courage led to a crucial legal victory for women.--Mona]

She writes:

Last week, an administrative court in Egypt banned virginity tests for women who had been arrested. In May, a senior Egyptian general confirmed findings in an Amnesty International report that during the uprisings in Egypt, military officials conducted virginity checks on women who were arrested during the uprisings. The general stated that the virginity checks were conducted so that the women could not claim that they had been raped while in military custody.


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