How To Run A Mentoring Program Like Michelle Obama

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Businesswomen everywhere know how important it is to find a good mentor. Well here’s one that I bet we would all fight tooth and nail to learn under. The First Lady, Michelle Obama. Although many of her initiatives since moving into the White House have been widely publicized, Mrs. Obama is just now opening up about a special program that’s very dear to her heart. In this month’s More Magazine, she discusses her mentoring program for young women.

We all know how important it is to usher in a new generation of successful businesswomen. Some of us have benefited from the help of an amazing teacher and friend, others are still looking for a guide to help them navigate the corporate waters. But most women agree that mentoring is an important part of lifting up women in business. So if you’re interested in helping with this important civic service, here are some tips on how to get started. After all, when it comes to business and mentoring advice, a Princeton and Harvard graduate who was amazingly successful before becoming the First Lady might just be the most knowledgable source out there.

Michelle Obama has always been a career inspiration for many women, now it looks like she’ll be expanding that role even further. We can all benefit from listening to her advice and applying it to our own mentoring relationships.

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