Are Lego's New Toys Sexist? Or Do Girls Prefer Pink?

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[Editor's note: When she was a little girl my daughter loved Lego. For hours she’d snap together cars, boats, spaceships and all manner of marvelously complicated things. Her brother, on the other hand, couldn’t have cared less about the seemingly male-oriented toys. So why then is Lego shamelessly pandering to stereotypes in its new line of toys? Margot Magowan at Reel Girls says it’s directly connected to the dearth of female characters in films. What do you think?--Mona]

She writes:

Check out this link to the Journal Inquirer that pictures Lego’s new toy. It won’t let me copy the photo, but the Lego figs pictured look so much cooler than the Friends for girls and guess what: they’re all male.

Of course they are. That makes sense right? Think about “Lord of the Rings.” How many females were in that high grossing, Academy Award-winning series?

Other best-selling Lego sets are based on the “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” movie series.

Do you see the sexism chain reaction here? (Serial reaction?) When girl characters are excluded from movies, they’re left out of the toys and branding on all kinds of kids clothing and products as well.

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Credit Image: Kaptain Kobold on Flickr


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