Week Three Without Shampoo: Asking Questions And Getting Answers

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After wrapping up the third week of my no-shampoo experiment, I’m still seeing a lot of the same great hair perks that I saw in the initial two weeks: awesome body, strong strands, fewer fly-aways, and rapid growth that may or may not be because I ditched the sudsy stuff. But I’m also seeing a lot of something else: questions about the logistics of this experiment from readers who’d like to give it a shot themselves.

Initially, I was hesitant to offer much advice–mostly because I’d only been trying off the lather wagon for a few weeks–but with the number of questions I’ve been receiving, it seems like a good time to loop everyone in on how to do it, and what I’ve learned.

Here are some questions I’ve received, both from readers and people I know who have asked about the process, problems with skipping shampoo, and potential pitfalls with the ingredients I’ve been using. A lot of this information is anecdotal, and may not work on specific hair-types–but if you’re curious at all about giving it a shot, even just once, read up before you do. There’s no need to commit for the long hall, and even a few days of “hair detox” are probably enough to see a difference. And then, of course, shoot me an email or Tweet at me to let m know how it’s going. I’d love to hear about it!

What’s the “recipe” you’re using?

“Recipe” indicates that the measurements are hard-and-fast, which they are not. Mostly because the ingredients are fairly gentle, and getting the proportions exact just isn’t necessary. But what I’ve been doing was initially based on this article by the Hairpin, which suggested baking soda with a little water (enough to make a paste) and apple cider vinegar (ACV) with a little water (enough to make it smell less intense). Basically, I bought two airline-approved tiny plastic bottles and have just been adding water and vinegar as I go. Wash with baking soda first, then condition with vinegar. It’s that easy.

Doesn’t it make your head behave like a 4th grade science experiment?

Not if you rinse between the baking soda and the vinegar. Which you should do.

I’m skeptical. Does your hair really get clean without shampoo?

It does! But you’ve got to scrub the baking soda in. And if you’re taking a day or week off the baking soda, spend a little extra time massaging your hair to make sure any and all products and sweat get washed out.

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