Free Organic Sperm Donor Is Just Creepy

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Apparently, 36-year-old Trent Arsenault thinks he’s the ideal father and more infertile couples should use his sperm. His qualifications? He consumes a fresh organic diet daily to help increase his sperm count and produce healthy babies, he avoids junk food and red meat, he’s athletic, intelligent and musically-talented, and he’s been cleared for any STD’s and any other health ailments. Oh, and his sperm count is off the charts according to his website: “Trent’s latest Sperm Count is at 202 Million/mL. The average male sperm count is 60 Million/mL”. There’s just one problem: he’s creepy.

And the FDA agrees. They have served the free sperm donor who believed he was simply doing a “community service” with a cease order for being a sperm “manufacturer.”

Since 2005, Arsenault has fathered 14 babies while donating sperm free of charge to families in need. He explained to the Huffington Post how that service grew:

It started when I helped a local teacher who put up a post on our community blog. After her successful pregnancy, I started getting emails, and I realized that there was a serious need.

After that, Arsenault launched his website to help parents who couldn’t afford the often pricey sperm donations and claims he’s doing so out of the goodness of his heart (not because of some egotistical belief that he should father half of our population, of course).

I’m helping people in need. I’m not running a business here.

Well, maybe he’s not making any money by donating his sperm, but it seems to me that anyone who has a website listing his qualifications, along with photos of babies he’s already fathered (that’s doubly creepy) is promoting himself and therefore running a business. On his site, he also displays plenty of photos of himself and his childhood (so you know what your baby will look like), along with stats on infertility, getting pregnant and sperm donation. Oh, and there are also photos of his super smart and organic sperm in a plastic cup.

If you ask him, Trent is just doing his job of creating more mini-me’s:

I’m happy to help the rest of the 99 percent who aren’t so rich. Maybe some of my techie genes will produce one of the next scientists here in Silicon Valley.


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