Bad Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry: Kate Middleton’s Perfectly Crooked Smile

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If you’re the Duchess of Cambridge, you have a lot of bad stereotypes about British teeth to overcome. But Kate Middleton didn’t settle on whitener and invisalign to get her pearly whites in order; she hired a French dentist to get her teeth imperfectly perfect, according to the DailyMail. Apparently, Dr. Didion Fillion specializes in “micro-rotations” of the teeth to make them just imperfect enough that they appear straight, but not in that creepy way that has become popular stateside:

…according to Dr Fillion’s friend and fellow dentist, Bernard Touati, it is this imperfection which makes Kate’s smile so endearing.

He told The Times: ‘You know why they look so good? Because they are not absolutely aligned.

‘The problem in the United States is they have a very artificial vision. He did some little micro-rotations on Kate Middleton [to produce] something which is natural.

‘That is what we like; a natural healthy smile, but not artificial.’

Dr Fillion’s speciality is that he attaches invisible braces to the backs of teeth.

But the dentist said micro-rotation can be achieved quickly by grinding and polishing existing tooth enamel or by adding porcelain veneers.

Dr Fillion said creating the perfect smile can take from six months to two years and will set you back between £4,000 and £11,000.

Or, you could go my preferred route, and just not wear your retainer despite repeated parental lectures, and let nature “micro-rotate” your teeth for free.

But in all seriousness, I get what they’re saying: As with most things, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to teeth (George Clooney, I’m looking at you). But getting veneers to make your teeth appear straight-but-not-too-straight doesn’t seem like a particularly healthy approach to dentistry, either. We all want a pretty-looking smile, but at the cost of being able to floss and keep plaque from building up between our teeth? No thanks.

I’m sure Kate has a lovely waterpik with which to floss her perfectly imperfect teeth, but for the vast majority of people, gaps and crowding present obstacles to oral health (even if they look pretty). And while I wish that it were a silly idea that Middleton could inspire legions of fans to want perfectly crooked teeth like hers, crazier things have happened… like her and Pippa’s weight loss being used as “thinspiration” on pro-ana websites. Or gap-toothed models inspiring patients to get their teeth gapped.

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