2011 Was The Year Of: Naked Yoga!

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For some reason, 2011 became the year of naked yoga. From nude classes popping up in New York, San Francisco and other cities, to Lululemon advertising its yoga gear with naked models, to all the media hype about how practicing our asanas with our asses hanging out was somehow good for our self-esteem, it seemed to be one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry. Heck, we even learned that this may have secretly been the demise for Kim Kardashian‘s 72-day marriage debacle. You don’t say!

Some claim yoga au naturel is about appreciating your body and deepening your practice; others just say it’s creepy and weird. Either way, people who are doing it are worth a second–and third and fourth–look. So, in the spirit of all nakedness, we decided to do a recap of some of the hottest sans-clothing yoga stories, ads, studios and people this year. But just a warning, this may not be something you want to open at work. Namasste Namaste!

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