10 Lavish Ways To Spend Your Bonus

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Though many small companies aren’t giving away end-of-the-year bonuses, many firms on Wall Street still are. According to The Huffington Post, seven big banks’ compensation data for the first three quarters of 2011 indicates that Wall Street pay is on track to exceed 2010 levels, according to an analysis from the Public Accountability Initiative. The report found that big bank compensation, which includes salaries, benefits and bonuses, will likely total $156 billion — a 3.7 percent boost from 2010 — and a record breaking number. “If you happen to be in a business that’s doing well, you’re obviously more likely to get paid more,” says Jeff Harte, a bank industry analyst with Sandler O’Neill + Partners. “But there aren’t that many businesses that are doing well.” But for the sake of Holiday magic, let’s pretend we are all getting those banker bonuses and imagine some of the stuff we could buy with the extra cash. And for those of you who can afford this stuff, more power to you! Let’s look at 10 lavish ways you can spend your bonus.

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