Who Decided That Skinny Was Beautiful?

‘The Thin Commandments’: Who Decided That Skinny Was Beautiful?:

In a quest for a thinner body, one woman confessed, “I used laxatives, I used enemas, I would take a baseball bat and like hit my stomach”. As a follow-up to his award-winning documentary, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments, Darryl Roberts takes a closer look at all of this and more as he uncovers the United States’ unhealthy obsession with dieting and losing weight.

At 40 years old and 277 pounds with a body mass index of 30, Roberts was told by his doctor that his blood pressure was too high and he’d have to go on daily medication to control it. But then he asked one of the best questions in the world: Can’t I just exercise and eat healthier? And, why is weight and BMI the ultimate indicator of someone’s health?

So in this new documentary, Roberts sets out to uncover what is the bigger issue in America right now: weight gain or our obsession with weight loss. We have an unhealthy fixation with numbers, he says. For example, which one of these celebrities is overweight: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, LeBron James, Matt Damon or Christian Bale? Unless you guessed all of them, you’re wrong. According to the current BMI scale all of these people are overweight.

“Don’t call people overweight,” one expert advises in this film. “Over what weight? Over the weight that’s good for them?”

“We have a health problem, not a weight problem,” Roberts told CNN. And he’s right. We need to get to a point in this country where we stop measuring people’s health–and worth–on the size of their waistline. “Who decided that skinny was beautiful?” one woman wants to know. “When did that start?”

The controversial documentary is making its way across the country right now. Check out the trailer–you will be shocked by what some of the people say about their weight:

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