What Your Walk Says About Your Sex Life

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According to a new study, you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she walks–namely, how good her sex life is. That’s right. We’re not sure who comes up with the ideas to study things like this, but apparently certain indicators like how many orgasms you have and how sexually satisfied you are can be spotted when you stroll down the sidewalk.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a group of Belgium researchers had 16 participants complete a questionnaire about their current sex life and then analyzed their walking patterns and movements from afar. Results showed that the scientists were able to correctly guess women’s orgasmic traits more than 80% of the time simply by watching the length of her stride and vertebral rotations.

What they found was the more “energetic and free” a woman’s walk is, the more orgasms she has had. Conversely, the stiffer a woman walked suggested that she tends to show more restrain in the bedroom. The report concluded that “a women’s experience of vaginal orgasm may be discerned from a gait that comprises fluidity, energy, sensuality, freedom, and absence of both flaccid and locked muscles.”

Locked muscles? I had to laugh at that one. I hate to think what they would surmise if they were to see me walking with sore quads from the prior day’s workout or bowlegged after too much cycling on a hard seat.

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