Taking Photos of Kids - Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets

Taking Photos of Kids - Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets:

Getting your children to sit still for a photograph is a bit like herding cats. I speak from personal experience. With the holidays fast approaching there is the ever looming pressure of the perfect photograph for this year's card. Needless to say, when I saw that Monica Shulman had 5 tips, tricks and trade secrets for getting the perfect pictures of your tots I was all over it. The list is full of great ideas, some as simple as getting your child to play in front of a window for the natural lighting. The article also brought up some interesting points that left me wondering if I am obsessing about getting the right picture and not really just observing and enjoying the moment with my kids. Check out her post for the full list and also a link to her article about photographing babies.

Monica noted:

If you're too busy shooting away at one little thing in particular, you will miss out on so many other moments because you didn't take the time to really observe.

Tips for Taking Photos of Kids


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