Starbucks Adds Juice Bars And Vows To Get Us Healthy

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Yes, we all like our Starbucks fix from time to time (tall mocha latte, extra hot, please), but it’s hard to ignore just how unhealthy some of their coffees are (like their pumpkin spice latte which we reported really should be a dessert due to the gross amounts of sugar in there). That’s why we were pretty excited to learn that our favorite–although often sinful–coffee shop is expanding with a chain of “wholesome” foods and beverages.

The Seattle-based coffee connoisseur announced yesterday that they bought Evolution Fresh–a natural fruit and vegetable juice company which was founded by the same person who also invented Naked Juice. Along with the acquisition of this brand, which will likely be the featured juice at their new juice shops, Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz told the L.A. Times that this is an important step toward entering the $1.6-billion premium juice business and the $50-billion health foods market.

Our intention is, over time, we would have a national footprint of juice stores positioned for health and wellness.

But as with many so-called healthy juices out there, is Evolution Fresh really healthy or is it loaded with sugar and other non-desirable ingredients? We did a little research to find out, and guess what? Most of it is actually good for you! A pleasant surprise, huh?

A bottle of its Organic Orange Juice is made with nothing but organic oranges (not to mention a whopping 190% of your Vitamin C); it’s Watermelon Juice has one single ingredient–two pounds of “freshly sliced” watermelon; and its Super Green Juice contains orange juice, mango, apple juice, pineapple, raspberries and a blend of algae and wheat grass. Although we are disappointed that their Acai Amazon Juice contains “organic cane sugar” contributing to 35 grams in total (still less than the 49 grams found in the Starbucks pumpkin latte), we have to assume some of that is natural sugar from the fruit.

So can Starbucks do to juice what they did to coffee and make all of us $5 a day spendaholics who think we are boosting our social status simply by walking around with their signature cup in hand? Time will tell. But their Organic Tangerine and Magic Mango does sound pretty good to me.

Will you try their new juice shops?


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