Our Favorite Weird Job Titles

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Rug hooker. Scarf gluer. Ski topper. These sound like job titles that maybe the Muppets would have but these are actually real human job titles. I got thinking on this subject when I found out there was a job titled called Chief Pleasure Officer. This person worked at sex toys company. I imagine most of the titles at companies like that are probably quite entertaining. Job titles help to indicate organizational structure to newcomers and outsiders, they tell people the relative importance of the person they are working with, and communicate to everyone your role within the company. But if they are weird or even funny sounding, they will not be taken very seriously. According to Skooba Design CEO Michael Hess, “100% of customers would rather get their needs taken care of splendidly by a boringly-named customer service representative than get mediocre service from a cheerful and fun, but less effective ‘satisfaction advocate.’” We found some other weird titles that make perfect sense for the industries they are for, but from an outsider’s point of view they sound a bit ridiculous.

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