Mother-Daughter Lingerie Ads: How Do You Feel?

Mother-Daughter Lingerie Ads: How Do You Feel?:

New York based designer The Lake & Stars‘ latest campaign features photos of a mother and daughter wearing their fall/winter 2011 line of lingerie and tenderly caressing one another. You know, like moms and kids do. Wait, what?

Maybe this is my Connecticut upbringing coming out here, but does anyone else find these images just a tiny bit creepy? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think they’re beautiful. Mother and daughter clearly share a lot of quality genes, and it’s sweet that they seem so…close. So many of us lose touch with our mothers when we move to New York to model underwear. The lingerie is nice too, although it doesn’t look like it would work on anyone above a C-cup due to lack of underwire support. But, here’s the thing: lingerie is an item we buy in order to feel sexy and confident about our post-pubescent bodies. Unless your name is Oedipus, that’s not a feeling you really want to have around your mother. OR IS IT?

I’ve included the rest of the campaign here. When you’re done being creeped out by it, come back and tell me what you think.

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