A Look Back At The Luxurious History Of Porsche

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Next week German sports car giant Porsche is set to unveil two new models at the Los Angeles Motor Show.
One of these is anticipated to be next year's model of the classic Porsche 911, but the other new revelation remains a mystery.
In light of this, we've decided to take a look at the company's history, from its early sports cars to its gritty war history to its modern miracles of automotive engineering.
Enjoy salivating over some truly classic machines.

1900: The first Porsche and the world's first hybrid car

The 25-year-old Ferdinand Porsche was brought into the limelight with the electric Lohner-Porsche.
1900 also saw Porsche develop a gas-powered race car and a hybrid vehicle that ran on electricity and petrol. That's called being ahead of the times.
The original Lohner-Porsche was developed for the Austrian royal carriage manufacturer Jacob Lohner and Co. It had a top speed of between 28 and 36 miles per hour.

1910: An awesome racecar

In 1910, Ferdinand Porsche designed the Austro-Daimler touring car.
This mean machine went on to impress competitively, achieving three victories at the motor event the Prince Henry Trials.
For added cool factor, Porsche himself sat behind the wheel to speed his car to victory.

1923: Birth of two icons

Ferdinand Porsche rose to become Technical Director and Board Member of the automotive company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and in 1923 designed one of the finest sports cars ever: The Mercedes Compressor.
In 1927 he turned his hand back to race cars, producing the Mercedes-Benz S-Type.
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