Kotex Tampon Recall Reminds Me Why I Don’t Wear Tampons

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Today must be the day of tampons. First we told you about a pretty ridiculous–and dangerous–trend among those oh-so-bright college students who use tampons soaked in vodka. And now we find out that your monthly remedies can not only make you drunk, they can also contain bacteria that will make you really sick. I’m adding this to my argument of why I don’t wear tampons.

After a voluntary recall, Kimberly-Clark has many of us running to the bathroom today to dispose of any Kotex tampons that may be lurking in our cabinets or vaginal walls for fear that the plastic applicator could contain a dangerous bacteria. Even though no specific cases have been reported–yet, tests have detected the bacterium Enterobacter sakazakii on some of the tampons which could potentially cause vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and other “potentially life-threatening infections” according to a report issued by the company.

Wondering if your tampons are infected? Here is what Kimberly-Clark said about the recall:

The impacted product includes both 18-count and 36-count packages of the Kotex Natural Balance Security Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency that were shipped to retail customers between October 29, 2011 and November 2, 2011 in specific Walmart stores in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas; specific Fry’s stores in Arizona; and specific Smith’s stores in Utah and Arizona.

I used to tell myself that I didn’t like tampons because I could never get completely comfortable with them, but I would endure because what else are you supposed to do when you have a swim workout planned? Or a long run on a hot summer day? (Somebody needs to invent a pad, by the way, that stays put amongst gallons of sweat and humidity.) Then one day I forgot I had a tampon in. For two days. Aside from being totally grossed out, thoughts of toxic shock syndrome filled my head, convinced that now I had this (I never wanted my obituary to read: Woman Dies Because She Stupidly Forgot About Her Tampon). After that, I swore them off. And now, this report gives me yet another reason why tampons will never again grace my ladyparts.

How about you? Does this scare make you think twice about using tampons?

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