Anderson Cooper Puts Adriana Lima’s Diet On Ridiculist

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We recently told you about supermodel Adriana Lima’s absurd pre-Victoria’s Secret show weight-loss plan, which basically consists of not eating or drinking. A simple plan, yet also, potentially lethal.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones to find Lima’s starvation-as-diet tips a bit on the crazy side: last night, Anderson Cooper slapped her on the Ridiculist.

Opening the segment, Cooper admonishes viewers to not “make the mistake of thinking that the [Victoria's Secret] show is just women walking around in their underwear.” He goes on to note that “models have to do a whole lot more than show up and strip down,” then outlines Lima’s pre-show diet: eliminating solid food for nine days before the show, then not consuming water or food for twelve hours before the show.

As Cooper says, there you have it: “swear of solid food and water and you’ll look great. You know, if you don’t drop over dead.”

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