5 Fabulous Tech Gifts for Moms

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I will never forget the year I tore open a holiday gift with my name on it, only to pull out...a onesie. For my second baby. Or at least I hope it was for her, because there was no way I was fitting in that thing 2 months postpartum.

Ever since then, at Cool Mom Tech and Cool Mom Picks we've been acutely aware of seeking out gifts for moms that moms actually want. You know, for themsleves. Crazy! Here, five of our favorites for 2011 that go beyond the basic hardware and the ubiquitous iPhone 4s.

Ceccec Tablet Clutch

ceccec tablet clutch

It's a splurge if you think of it as a tablet case; a downright bargain if you think of it as a hot accessory in snake-print leather, that just so happens to hold your iPad 1 or 2. This thing is as sturdy as it is stylish, and note to Santa: I wouldn't turn one away if it found itself under my tree.

($160 from CarryCeccec.com)

Belkin Chef Stand

belkin chef stand

If you've got a chef in the family who's turned an iPad into an endless recipe trove, the Chef Stand from Belkin is just wonderful. It lets you prop your tablet at the perfect angle (hopefully away from the mixer), and the stylus keeps your batter-y hands away from the screen. Epicurious, here I come.

($39.99 from Belkin)

Personalized Silhouette iPhone case

silhouette iphone case

Le Papier Studios always makes beautiful personalized silhouette gifts, and this year they've introduced a collaboration with CaseMate. You can get your iPhone or Blackberry case customized with a monogram, or a silhouette based on your own photo. Gives new meaning to "pictures of the kids on the phone."

($42 from Le Papier Studio)

The Fitbit Ultra

belkin chef stand

If you know an avid runner, exercise junkie, or just someone whose resolution is to get out from behind the computer more (hello!) the Fitbit is a very cool little gadget that wirelessly tracks your steps, distance, and even your sleep. Think of it like a pedometer 2.0. It's about the size of a jump drive, and even lets you transfer all the data wirelessly to your computer so you can keep track of pogress. Cool way to help make it more fun to keep moving.

($99.95 from Fitbit)

Neato Robotic Vacuum

neato robotic vacuum

I am a little hesitant to offer up cleaning supplies for the holidays. ("Happy Hanukkah mom! Now get to work.") But this one is kind of the opposite--it's a self-propelled vacuum that keeps you from cleaning. For the right mom, the Neato Robotic Vacuum is a swell pick especially now that the new XV-12 model comes in a nice, clean white. What separates this one from similar products is that, among other things, it will return to the base by itself to recharge when the battery is low. I'd say not lifting a finger is a pretty great holiday gift.

($399; white XV-12 exclusively at Target)

So...what tech gifts are you coveting this holiday season? What would your own mom hope to unwrap?

Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Tech and Cool Mom Picks which will be scouring the web for the coolest holiday gifts over the next several weeks. She also blogs at her personal blog, Mom-101.

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