15 Surprising Uses For Household Items That Will Help You Save

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As a kid, I used to roll my eyes at my dad each time he responded to my complaints about a bruise or bothersome bug bite by telling me to "Hush up and put some witch hazel on it."

Alright, I still roll my eyes whenever he says that. But the point is that he might have been on to something.

If you're looking to cut costs at home, a great place to start is right in your own kitchen.

Vinegar: Pamper Your Pooch

Vinegar may be pretty assaulting on the olfactory senses (full disclosure: this reporter can't stand the stuff), but it is probably one of the most diverse products you have in your household arsenal.

Vinegartips.com recommends using it to make your pup's coat really shine. Just mix a cup of the white distilled variety with one quart of water, then rub down its coat with your hands.

Olive Oil: Grease Your Gams

The price of shaving creams these days is enough to make any girl's leg hairs stand on end. But if you're well-stocked in the olive oil department, you'll be glad to know that Rachel Ray's favorite kitchen staple is also great as a makeshift shaving oil.

Bonus: According to Woman's Day, olive oil is packed with skin-nourishing nutrients, so go ahead and skip the $10 moisturizer afterward to save even more.

Coffee: Touch Up Your Locks

Good news, brunettes. Ditch those $200 touch-ups at the salon and brew an extra pot of Joe instead to brighten up your hair color.

Mint.com suggests taking a strong pot of black coffee after it's cooled and pouring it on freshly shampooed strands. Let it soak for about 10 to 15 minutes (plenty of time to brew yourself another cup) and then rinse with cool water. Follow it up with conditioner and style as usual.

Bonus: Save the leftover grounds if you're looking for a cheap alternative fertilizer.

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