What It's Like Inside Jony Ive's Super Secret Apple Design Bunker

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The future of Apple is lying around for a select set of eyes to see in one place at its campus headquarters.

That place is the bunker of Jony Ive, Apple's product visionary. He's the guy that designed the curvy, colorful iMac, and the rest of Apple's products over the next decade.

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson took a tour of the bunker, something only a handful of people have done through the years.

Here's what he saw:

  • The office sits on the ground floor of Two Infinite Loop on Apple's campus. It has windows that are tinted, and the door has a heavy duty lock on it.

  • Inside the office is a reception desk guarded by glass and manned by two assistants. Almost no employees get past the guards without special permission.

  • On the left of the office is a row of desks with younger designers. To the right is a "cavernous" room with six long steel tables. Apple's future product designs sit atop those tables.

  • Techno and jaz play in the background.

  • The space is "sparse and industrial" with "metallic gray decor."

  • Inside the office there are machines to made foam models of computer generated products. There are also spay painting machines to color the products to make them look real.

  • Inside the office, you can see the "future for the next three years," says Ive.

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