There’s A Tattooed Barbie, And Some Moms Are Pissed

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Lock up your daughters! L.A.-based company tokidoki has designed a barbie doll with pink hair, tattoos and heart-and-crossbones t-shirt.

That’s right! The youth of America stands to be corrupted in the most egregious of ways…oh wait. Barbie has already corrupted the youth of America. She’s already become a symbol of beauty that is physically impossible to achieve, no matter how hard you try. She’s encouraged girls to think that math isn’t easy. Oh, and her sole goal in life?

This guy.

But that hasn’t stopped some parents from shitting their drawers over her latest iteration. Babble quotes one commenter at a blog called Ms. Twixt as saying, “Is Mattel crazy? Selling Barbie dolls with tattoos? That was almost as bad as having a pregnant Barbie or Skipper! Is someone on drugs at Mattel??? Can’t really believe this at all! Why don’t they make a suicide Barbie,complete with rope and gun!”

Duuude! Woooah! Settle down! A suicide Barbie? Someone is fucking insane…and it isn’t tattooed Barbie.

Anyway, I decided to go over to this Ms. Twixt to check out the wadded panties for myself (investigative journalism, ladies), and I have to say that my favorite comment comes from someone named Jerry. He or she has this to say about inked Babs: “I think it is horrible and sends the wrong message to young people. In no way should a tattoo be honored. It is a lifetime brand which will fade and droop over time as the skin ages.”

And there you have it! This Barbie isn’t even thinking about what she’ll look like in 30 years. What a thug! Favoring self-expression over concern about her lifelong appearance. What about the children?!

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