Is The Sculpture Of Kate Moss With Her Vagina Out Worth $900,000?

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This 18-carat gold statue of Kate Moss with her vag on display in a yoga pose reportedly sold for $900,000 at Sotheby’s, and we frankly think it’s among the last things we’d want to be greeted with every time we walk in the door.

First of all, can she really do that pose? Second of all, it doesn’t look much like her in the facial area.

And third of all, why? Of all the homages to Kate Moss that a reasonable person could put up in their home — a painting, a framed sketch, even a magazine page ripped out and fastened with tape — a gold sculpture of her contorting yogically seems…well, it seems really perv-y, that’s what. I mean, the fucking thing has cameltoe, if you look closely. I guess I’m just surprised someone would put their perviness on such display, and pay such a high price to do so.

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