Eight Ways To Decompress Before You Come Home From Work

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After an extremely long day, I pull out a very special CD to listen to on my car ride home. I realize that this is admitting quite a bit of dorkiness, but when I’m most frustrated, I listen to music from my wedding. As obnoxiously mushy as that sounds, it helps me think about my husband and my family and the wonderful situation I’m coming home to.

A rough day at work is hard enough, it’s even more difficult if I bring that frustration home with me. Ruining my evening because of work makes me feel guilty and ashamed. My family helps me deal with the stress of work. Instead of coming home upset, I like to take just a few minutes to clear my thoughts and prepare myself for big hugs from a giggling toddler. I want to go into that situation with a smile on my face.

Here’s a few ways to let go of your professional problems before you come home. Let me know if I missed your favorite way to decompress.

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