15 Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Memory

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Your ability to remember is affected by more things than you probably think. The amount of stress you're under, who you hang out with, and even the foods you eat have an impact on your memory.

Though much of the inner workings of our brains may still be a mystery, scientists have learned much about how we recall things in the past few decades.

We've compiled 15 tips and tricks from some great columns and articles over at Psychology Today on how memory works, and how to improve yours.

Recognize that your memories are fundamentally biased toward what you think is fair, because that's how you want to perceive the world

Source: Nathan Heflick, Psychology Today

Try not to conform to the group, because your peers can greatly affect your memories

Dr. William Klemm, a professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M University, says in his column that "when people reminisce in groups, like family reunions, political rallies, or other social groups, they tend to remember many of the same things, even when some of those things are factually wrong."

To correct some of the effect of 'group think' on your memories, don't spend all your time with people who think like you do. For example, the news you watch on TV or read on the web should be from a diverse set of points-of-view, says Klemm.

Keep your stress level down, because anxiety makes you lose focus and concentrate on unpleasant emotions

Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, says in her column that anxiety is one of the worst emotions you can feel before a memory-reliant event. Before an exam, presentation or any other big event, try to keep your stress level down by having a good night's sleep, and reassure yourself that you're perfectly capable of the task.

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